How Can I Sell My Home for the Most $

How to sell your home for the most money:

It is always a competitive market.  Your home and location are competing with others in your area for buyers.  Always start with selecting a licensed professional REALTOR with years of experience to help guide you through the selling process.  See my posting Why You Need a Realtor.

The value of your home will be determined by the following factors:

  1. Location, location, location.
  2. Condition and Age of your house.  This includes the age of the roof, systems, windows, appliances and floor plan/size and how well maintained is your home.
  3. Time of the Year; determines the number of buyers vs. number of sellers.  The spring market in our area is ALWAYS the best time to sell i.e. early spring when the inventory is still low thus there are generally fewer sellers competing for more buyers.
  4.  Pricing Strategy.  If you price you house too low then buyers will wonder what is wrong with your house.  Price your house too high and it will sit with few showings and help sell your competition.  You want to select a price that will attract several competing buyers.
  5. Understanding Market trends and conditions e.g. how long are homes sitting on the market (Days on Market), Listing Price to Closing Price Ratios, Interest Rates, General Economic Conditions.
  6. A Marketing Plan that is well executed to get your home the most exposure.  A buyers first impression of your home will be determined often times on the photography.  Excellent marketing collateral that offer great photography (aerial photos using drones, twilight photography and video production ) as well as floor plans are critical to attracting buyers.

The highest return on investment after the basics like paint, roofing, repairs to exterior and windows are updated KITCHENs and BATHROOMs.  A WELL MAINTAINED home is always obvious to buyers and brings a higher value.

We know the market and have access to the tools that will help inform you and guide you through this process.  In addition, we can provide a list of contractors from which you may want to choose for repairs and updates.

Finally, William Raveis offers a REFRESH program to help finance any updates your home might require.