Middleton, MA

The Town of Middleton, MA

The Town of Middleton, incorporated as a Town in 1728, Massachusetts and is bordered by Danvers on the east, Topsfield, Boxford and North Andover on the north, North Reading on the west and Peabody on the south. It is 23 miles from Boston. The Town covers an area of approximately fourteen square miles.

The Town operates under an open town meeting form of government presided over by a Town Moderator. Subject to the legislative decisions made by the Town Meeting, the affairs of the Town are generally administered by a five-member Board of Selectmen, which in turn appoints a Town Administrator who is solely responsible to the Board of Selectmen. The Town Administrator supervises and directs the administration of most departments (except for the School and Light Departments.

The School Committee has exclusive jurisdiction over the schools. This Committee, whose five members are elected for three-year terms, appoints a superintendent and by or through the superintendent, employs all teaching and other personnel employed in the School Department, determines educational policy, and maintains and operates the Town’s school system.

The Board of Electric Commissioners has sole authority over the Light Department. The board consists of five members that are elected for three year terms and appoints a manager, and by and through the manager employs all personnel in the Light Department.
Municipal Services

The Town provides general governmental services for the territory within its boundaries, including police and fire protection, disposal of solid waste, street maintenance, recreational facilities, and public education in pre=school through grade six. Middle and high school education is provided through participation with Masconomet Refgional School District.

Water is supplied to 50% of the Town and 95% of the residents have individual septic systems. The Town’s water Department provides water through an agreement with the Town of Danvers whereby, Danvers draws and distributes water from sources owned by Middleton to residents in both Towns.
Electricity is supplied to the Town by the Middleton Electric Light Department.

The Town of Middleton’s school system provides education to students from pre-school to grade 6. The Town has two schools with a capacity of 900 students.

Industry and Commerce
The Town of Middleton is a residential community with some manufacturing activity. In 2006, 326 firms located in Middleton reported to the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Security. These firms employed an average of 3,607 persons and had a total annual payroll of $201,594,001.

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