10 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

10 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

#1 – Not securing financing. Being pre-approved makes a buyer more appealing to a seller,
and allows you to clear up any credit issues before starting the home buying process.

#2 – Agent hopping. Buyers will receive the best level of service from a dedicated agent
who spends the time getting to know their wants and needs. An agent who you’ve been
working with through the entire process is best able to help you attain your goals. You
commit to them and they will commit to you.

#3 – Making an unrealistic offer. A qualified agent can share current market conditions and
data to help a buyer make an offer that works to get them the best terms while still being
acceptable to the seller.

#4 – Lack of focus. Many buyers start looking at homes before they have prioritized their
needs and wants. An experienced agent can help buyers determine “must have” features
since it is unlikely that any home will have absolutely everything a buyer wants.

#5 – Not having the home inspected. Especially with older homes, a home inspection
by a licensed and qualified home inspector is critical to reveal any problems that may
not be apparent on the surface. However, even new homes should be inspected to avoid
any potential conflicts down the road.

#6 – Contingencies. Insisting on too many contingencies can weaken what might otherwise
be a strong offer. Depending on the situation, some or all contingencies may need to be
eliminated – an experienced agent can help a buyer determine how to write the most effective
offer while still balancing their interests.

#7 – Procrastination. If a buyer finds a home that fits their priorities, they may need to move
quickly to make an offer, especially if it is a “seller’s market”. A seasoned agent can help
make sure no details are overlooked.

#8 – Not doing their homework. Knowledge is power, and the internet makes it easier than
ever to get information. Buyers should be prepared with at least a basic knowledge of how
the real estate process works.

#9 – Distractions. Trying to make a shrewd investment, failing to consider how a home will
really function for your family, or being impatient can cause a buyer to make potentially major

#10 – Not listening to professional advice. Seeking the opinions of experienced
professionals such as REALTORS®, mortgage consultants, and attorneys will help a buyer with
what may be one of the most important purchases they will ever make.