Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels Yield Highest Return On Investment

Highest Retained Value
Home Improvements
Paint Exterior of House 100%-125% Add New Garage 80%-100%
Paint Interior of House 100%-125% Add Extra Bedroom 60%-90%
Add Crown Molding 100%-150% Install Swimming Pool 60%-90%
Kitchen Remodel 90%-150% Install New Storms & Screens 60%-90%
Bathroom Remodel 85%-140% Install Central Air Conditioning 50%-100%
Convert Garage to Family Room & Replace Garage 85%-125% Add Screened in Porch 50%-100%
Install 200Amp Electrical Service 85%-125% Replace Heating System 50%-90%
Add Auto Exterior Motion Lighting 80%-125% Replace Roofing 50%-80%
Adding New Bathroom 80%-125% Install Tennis Court 40%-75%
Install New Double Glazed Windows 80%-100% Convert Basement to Family Room or Play Room 40%-60%
Add 2nd Level to House 80%-100% Add additional attic insulation 40%-60%
Additional Source: National Association of Realtors